Networks need to be fast, reliable and secure. If your wireless network is not all of these things, call New Jersey Computer Help today for assistance. We deliver expert wireless network support and network maintenance to a range of businesses, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large blue chip organizations.

Businesses rely on wireless networks for convenience and easy access for employees, customers, guests or visitors. WiFi is extremely convenient and offers the flexibility and freedom fast-moving enterprises need to maintain productivity.

Our wireless network support services can include:

  • Wireless network design and build.
  • Wireless security and protection.
  • Wireless network administration.
  • WiFi troubleshooting and repair

New Jersey Computer Help is your local business wireless network support expert. Call us today to see how we can help you!

Wireless network design and build

Our expert team of network specialists can design, specify and build wireless networks to suit all business types and operating environments. Using industry-standard tools and techniques, we can design, install, secure and monitor your network to ensure lightning fast performance and exceptional security.

We can create brand new networks, create secure guest networks, segment existing networks and upgrade your wireless hardware. All for a sensible price!

Wireless security and protection

Wireless security has to be taken very seriously. Where Ethernet has the added production of being a wired connection, wireless is exactly that. It uses radio to broadcast your traffic between devices and network appliances which can be intercepted if it isn’t protected.

New Jersey Computer Help can implement robust network security in depth including firewalls, endpoint security, encryption and some configuration magic to help keep your network secure.

Wireless network administration

Wireless network administration can be as straightforward as adding new users to upgrading your security protocols. Anything that affects the way your business network runs can be classed as administration. From checking firewall logs to inspecting intrusion attempts, managing device security to performing audits.

If your business requires expert assistance with any aspect of running, improving or update its WiFi, we can help.

WiFi troubleshooting and repair

We provide all our clients the convenience of a single support partner who can effectively troubleshoot and manage any WiFi network issues, ensuring consistent performance, minimal downtime and increased productivity.

Our reactive, onsite assistance can quickly investigate, diagnose and repair all kinds of wireless networking issues from hardware failure to authentication. If your business depends on connectivity, you need partners you can trust. That’s us!

For all your business wireless networking needs, contact New Jersey Computer Help today!