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What’s the best way to backup data on a PC?

We talk a lot about data loss and backups here at New Jersey Computer Help. That’s because we come across so many small businesses needing our data recovery services. While we love helping everyone and seeing that look of gratitude, we would prefer not to have to offer this service at all. So how can the small business or freelancer backup data without spending a fortune?

You know the saying. ‘Prepare for the worst, hope for the best’. That’s computer backups. You prefer for something happening in the hope it will never happen. If you can do that with the minimum of fuss, effort and expense, all the better!

Small business data backups

In business, an effective backup has to be in three places at once. On the machine where it is used and two other places. Typically this will be on a backup device of some kind and the cloud. The backup device should be stored somewhere other than where the original PC is and the cloud is obviously in the cloud.

This gives you two opportunities to recover your data should you lose it. This is the minimum you really need if you are to avoid data loss.

Backup drive

You can buy external hard drives for less than $50 now. Just plug it into your computer, let your operating system recognize it and drag and drop our files into it. This solution will work with Windows, Mac and Linux and is a very effective way to back up your data.

Being able to store it in another building may be a stretch but as long as you don’t leave it connected to the PC it backs up and powered on you should be fine.

Cloud backups

Mac has TimeMachine, Windows has OneDrive and Linux has whatever you want to use. Choice is not an issue when it comes to cloud backups. You don’t even have to use the option your computer cam with either. There are lots of third party cloud storage options out there and many offer free storage with premium tiers should you need more.

Many of these options will have a free tool that can take automatic backups of your data so you don’t have to worry about it. Google Drive has Backup and Sync, OneDrive has Sync, TimeMachine also has an automatic option and third party solutions will have their own tools. Set it up and forget about it. What could be easier?

In theory, you could have a business-class backup solution for less than $50. A hard backup with an external drive and a cloud backup with your cloud storage service of choice. One performs its work automatically while one requires less than five minutes of your time.

So there is no excuse for not backing up your data. It’s cheap, easy to do and can take care of itself for the most part. When your business grows, you can look at commercial backup solutions. For now, this should do nicely.

If you need further help or advice on backups, data recovery or anything to do with computers, call New Jersey Computer Help. We would be happy to help!

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