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Read this if you use iPhones in your business

There are many reasons why iPhones are popular. They are very reliable, have great design and tie in well within the Apple ecosystem. Many business buyers also prioritize them over Android because they are more secure. That’s why you need to read this post.

A new form of malware has been doing the rounds and is targeting iOS. Called Exodus, it is a copy of a similar piece of malware that affected Android a little while ago. When infected, the malware can collect call data, contact data, audio, video, images and GPS data from a phone and send it back to a central server.

Apple has since tackled Exodus by revoking the licenses of the developers who were spreading it. While this particular malware has been stopped, it highlights the need for any businesses that use iOS to also use security. That means having policies in place to control downloads, training staff in safe phone use and using antivirus.

Phone use policies

Even the smallest business needs to think about how staff will use its resources. Whether that’s to save money, maintain your reputation for professionalism or help maintain security, they are an essential part of running a business.

Creating clear, concise equipment use policies will show your employees you’re serious about your business, about security and about being professional. It will also show them what they can and cannot do and outline the action you will take if these policies are breached.

The policies don’t have to be draconian or too harsh. Just make them clear, fair and common sense and your employees should be able to work with them.

Staff training

With AI and automatic detections becoming more effective at tackling malware and viruses, criminals are increasing concentrating on the human element. We are the weakest link in most IT chains and criminals know it. You can counter that with staff training.

Training your people what to look for, how to secure devices, what to do if they are targeted and what not to do, will go a long way to protecting your business.

Use security products

Until fairly recently, there was no such thing as antivirus for iOS. Apple didn’t allow them and you (mostly) didn’t need them. Times have changed and now some of the biggest names in security have iOS products. Even if Apple marketing tells you they aren’t necessary, they are and will make a solid investment.

Big names such as Avira, McAfee, Lookout, Trend Micro and others produce quality iOS antivirus and you should consider using one.

If you need help securing any aspect of your business, we’re the guys to call. With years of experience under our belts, we should be your first choice for any IT support issue. Contact New Jersey Computer Help today to see what we can do for you!


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