We Offer Same Day On-Site Support Services!

On-Site Support Services

Onsite Computer Support

  • Computer Repair
  • Wireless Network Configuration
  • Virus and Malware Removal
  • Data Recovery
  • Update and Upgrade Software Services
  • Server Installation
  • Router and Firewall Configuration
  • Backup Data Services
  • Outsourced IT Support
  • Ongoing 24/7 Remote Support


The modern business and individual relies heavily on computer technology. Smartphones, laptops, tablets, desktops, servers, and even advanced routers and networks have become so integrated into every aspect of life that when they run slow, fail to boot, or have other problems (including malware, viruses, adware, etc.) they can grind life -and business- to a halt.

Bringing any of these devices to a computer repair shop can certainly be time-consuming and sometimes it may not be feasible. If the systems are complex and transportation is not an option, there is a solution: we offer Onsite Computer Support.


Data Recovery

When a computer system has failed or continues to crash when attempting to open a program, that doesn’t mean the data on the hard drive or SSD is no longer recoverable. There may be any one of dozens of problems developing that isn’t directly affecting the data itself (yet). In time, though, it will, which is why it’s so important to resolve the problem now.

Our Onsite Computer Support can quickly diagnosed the issue, provide data recovery services (if needed), and offer backup services moving forward. It is an extremely stressful situation when it feels as though data has been lost — whether it’s an important work-related project facing an extreme deadline, a homework assignment, or years and years of family photos — but our Onsite Computer Support is often able to recover most types of data, even from systems that no longer boot.

Office Support Service

Staffing a full-time IT support technician can, for many businesses, be cost prohibitive. Our Onsite Computer Support is like having your own IT professional without the added hassles of hiring, providing benefits, and paying for their services when there’s not much to do.

We provide support services for server installation, maintenance, and even integrating into the network. We also provide firewall configuration to help secure your entire company’s computer network and offer backup solutions to help minimize the impact of future problems that may develop from employees or other team members unwittingly downloading viruses or malware through email attachments, websites, or other methods.

Our computer technicians are highly trained and experienced at resolving nearly every single computer-related challenge and helping systems run efficiently and smoothly to their peak performance levels. We also offer ongoing 24/7 remote support to ensure everything is running properly at all times.