The Sculpt Comfort by Microsoft is a Windows wireless mouse that is dangle free and delivers advanced ergonomics at an affordable cost. This incredible Bluetooth mouse is the best wireless solution to use if you are a Windows laptop or tablet PC user who is tired of using a stylus. It is also the best way to go if you want to get rid of USB transceivers considering that sometimes even a single dongle is one too many. Although Logitech has been the ‘realest thing’ regarding wireless mice for a long time, the Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth mouse is giving Logitech a run for its money by swiftly catching up with some sophisticated features. Some of these features that intensify mousing performance include; shortcut buttons that are touch sensitive and Microsoft’s BlueTrack Scroll with laser sensor everywhere to make navigation around Windows 8 and 10 environments much simpler.

It’s crucial to note that this mouse was designed to suit right-handed users only. Its shape slopes upward and rises backward towards the palm which makes it comfortable to use even for a long stretch of time. Your thumb can rest on the trim pad on its left side. The sculpt comfort is reminiscent of the old Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer since it’s molded to cradle its user’s hand beside being lightweight. Another thumb down on the design is that the shiny plastic finish might get somehow sticky if one is using it in hot environments. The blue windows stripe on the mouse’s left side is both a universal shortcut button and a touchpad that is touch-sensitive that registers swipe (up and down) with your thumb. As soon as you download the keyboard center software and the Microsoft mouse, the buttons on the mouse become remappable. Users can opt to assign the Windows button to perform operations like launch Cortana, access to their tasks or applications or even open start Menu. The mouse leaves it up to users to decide what works best for them for daily productivity.

Another fabulous feature of the mouse is that it provides haptic feedback or a little vibration whenever it’s swiped to let users know it has registered an action. It can also be disabled if the user chooses to. Apart from the two main right and left clickers on top, the notched scroll wheel at the center is pressable and can be assigned any function as well. If you are tired of plugging and unplugging wireless dongles into your devices, the sculpt entirely shuns USB and uses Bluetooth to connect to a tablet or PC provided they support Bluetooth. At the bottom of the mouse, there is a power switch and a Bluetooth button for pairing it. Microsoft advises turning off of the switch to conserve the two batteries that can boost the overall life to ten months. However, some online users have complained about connection drops.The workaround is simple because you only need to access the Intel hardware adapter under the Bluetooth settings of the device manager and uncheck the box labeled “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.” The mouse has a rock-bottom cost of less than $25 (AU $35 or £20) at Best Buy or Amazon.