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Top Ten Facts You Should Know about Computer Support

Are free Anti-Virus programs good enough?

It is very popular to see and utilize free antivirus & malware protection programs. A lot of these are loaded with bloatware which try to upsell you to paid plans when offering mediocre protection. Would you want to RISK your data to save a few dollars a month? Protect yourself and choose the paid route for better security.

What are "Managed" IT Services?

Managed IT Services is like having an dedicated IT support team monitoring and protecting your systems without having to staff your own internal team. When you outsource your IT needs, experienced team can better utilize technology to better secure and maintain your systems. Since we partner with several companies from security to hardware vendors, our exclusive relationships allow you to receive only the best services & products.

Cloud Backup, do we need that?

Cloud Backup is the normal backup solution for keeping data stored offsite incase of a disaster or breach. By keeping data secured in various locations, your data has better ways to be restored by keeping “versions” of your data. If data gets infected or damaged, these versions stored in the Cloud can be easily restored with a click of a mouse.

How fast do you respond to support requests?

We respond to 99.9% of all support requests by phone within 10 minutes during our normal office hours. This comes to new and current customers at no extra cost. That’s why New Jersey Computer Help has your companies back when things go wrong.

What is the typical length of an IT Contract?

Contracts really vary company to company. At New Jersey Computer Help we are flexible in our support plans so we can provide better services based upon your needs. The typical contract could range from a 3 month commitment to a year. Just depends on the scope of support your business is looking for. Please call for more details.

What should I do when a problem occurs?

In order to expedite a solution, we recommend you:

  1. Write down what you were doing prior to the issue occurring
  2. What issue do notice
  3. Call us within 15-30mins of the issue occurring to help prevent the problem from getting worse.

What is the typical cost of Managed IT services?

New Jersey Computer Help offers packages of all sizes. We always a plan no matter who small or large your company is. Please call for a free onsite consultation to learn more how we can assist.

We have an internal IT department, how can you help?

We have worked with several companies based in other states that have satellite offices throughout the US. We have provided what is called “boots” on the ground service, troubleshooting hardware related issues so corporate office could remote in and fix the issues. We also have helped implement new technology as recommended by corporate offices. Need “boots” on the ground? Let us know.

What is the benefit of paying a monthly fee?

When you pay a monthly fee we can:

  • Keep future issues from arising
  • Better keep your data safe
  • Keep your employees productive
  • Respond faster to your support requests

Support is an investment in your business. We are your “IT” department without the cost of a group of technicians.

What systems do you support?

We support all Microsoft and Apple related products.

Have specific needs? Give us a call.

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