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How to troubleshoot business WiFi

Lots of businesses use wireless networks. They are cheap and easy to set up, can be made secure and make it easy to share the internet with multiple devices without having to have a physical connection or desk. WiFi does have downsides though. It can be problematic at times, which is why we have put together this quick guide on troubleshooting business WiFi.

We’ll cover some common issues that wireless connections can suffer from and what you can do about them.

Poor signal in certain areas

WiFi uses radio and can be impacted by thick walls, lots of metal, electronic interference or other wireless networks using the same channels. Try moving your wireless access point or router or using a WiFi extender to reach further in larger or older buildings. Consider changing the wireless channel to a different one or moving large appliances or electronic devices out of the way of the signal.

Device cannot connect

If a single device cannot connect but others can, it is usually the device at fault and not the wireless network. If you’re using Windows, reset the connection in Device Manager, disable the WiFi adapter and re-enable it again or forget the wireless network and try to connect from scratch again.

No devices can connect to WiFi

If no device can connect to WiFi, it is most likely the router at fault. If you can connect to the internet okay using Ethernet, it is likely the wireless radio in the router or a configuration issue. This is most usually rectified with a reboot of the router. It will take your network down for a couple of minutes so choose your time wisely but once recovered everything should be able to connect as usual again.

WiFi is slow

If only WiFi is slow and Ethernet is fine, it could be the channel. Radio is susceptible to interference or competition for the frequency, both of which can slow it down. You can download free WiFi analyzers from your phone’s app store that can show you what channels are being used and what channels any neighboring businesses are using. Use one of these apps and select a 2.4GHz channel two channels away from other strong signals if possible.

Forgotten wireless password

If you set up your wireless network with a strong password but didn’t write it down or lost it, you’re going to have to reset it. You should first take a backup of your router settings either manually or using the Admin panel. Then reset the router using the recessed switch somewhere on the chassis. This will reset your router back to factory defaults but will let you set your wireless network up again.

Those are some quick and easy fixes to common business WiFi problems. If you need more advanced assistance, contact New Jersey Computer Help. We have the expertise you need to keep you connected!

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