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How to save money on IT support without compromising cover

The more we depend on computers and data, the more important IT support becomes. In the majority of businesses, IT support is regarded as a cost and not something that makes money. I think that’s the wrong way round. IT support enables your business to make money and while some investment is required, you can save money on it if you do it the right way.

If you can save money without compromising quality or cover, all the better!

There are several ways you can minimize IT support costs. Here are five of the most important ones.

  1. Be honest about your requirements
  2. Outsource
  3. Embrace the cloud
  4. Be proactive
  5. Be flexible

Be honest about your requirements

Some startups and newer businesses tend to want the best of everything. The thinking is that if you have the fastest computers, the most secure servers, the latest phones and cutting edge software, you will be more productive and make more money. That isn’t necessarily true.

When you’re growing a business, you are much better off analyzing your requirements, finding out what’s available and selecting the right solution for your business.

Don’t buy Apple workstations just because you have a Mac at home. If you’re editing images or videos, Macs have definite strengths. Otherwise, a Linux or Windows desktop is far cheaper, easier to maintain and much easier to upgrade. Windows does need more maintenance and security but will be a fraction of the price of a Mac workstation.

That’s just one example of saving money on IT. Virtualization, free security products, cloud solutions and unified communications are just a few of the others.


If your central air stops working, you call an AC guy. If your pipes leak, you call a plumber. Why then, if your computer goes down do you try to fix it yourself? That’s all well and good if you’re computer literate and know what you’re doing. It’s not so good if you depend on IT blogs and YouTube to figure it out. That’s fine at home where you have the luxury of time but not in business.

If you’re not of a size to justify your own IT team, outsource your IT support. New Jersey Computer Help are one of many established computer support businesses who thrive on helping other businesses grow. We provide expert assistance for all kinds of businesses and cover most situations you find yourself up against.

We can help with planning, building, networks, security, computer support and everything that a small business needs to remain productive.

Embrace the cloud

Some people are still suspicious of the cloud. Suspicious of trusting others with business data, of transmitting that data over the internet and of storing it in the cloud. While a healthy dose of skepticism is fine, fear of the unknown that stops your business utilizing one of the most powerful productivity tools out there is not.

The cloud is now more secure, more established and more reliable than ever before. Some of the biggest names in IT have cloud solutions and they could save you a lot of money. From cloud antivirus to Office 365, cloud storage to tools like SalesForce there are many solutions for every challenge a business faces.

The advantages of moving to the cloud are many but the main one is cost. You need no new hardware, no servers, no extra network equipment, no licenses, no hardware support, no IT team and no monitoring or maintenance. All you pay is a fee per user and everything else is handled by the vendor. That alone makes it worth exploring.

Be proactive

Being proactive in IT means anticipating changing needs, assessing upcoming technologies and being able to identify opportunities that will be enabled by technology. It also means using proactive monitoring to protect your business, a regular maintenance schedule to help maintain your computer hardware and auditing to manage licensing and software.

All these things take time and effort but can save a lot of money by identifying costs and risks ahead of time. Auditing can identify obsolete hardware or software, expiring software licenses and help manage your resources. A regular maintenance schedule can identify faults, old hardware and weaknesses in your systems before they impact productivity or other hardware.

Knowing what technology is on the horizon and what benefits it could offer you could help you maximize savings by adopting new opportunities right away. Proactive monitoring can capture and eliminate threats before they access your data or computers with obvious cash and reputation saving effects.

All these actions do take time and effort but can help save money over time.

Be flexible

Being flexible in terms of IT support means being open to new ways of working. Of changing something because it makes sense or will save you money. I’ll use the example of cloud computing as it is still something many businesses in New Jersey fear. That fear is based on nothing but hearsay and headlines and has no basis in fact, yet it remains.

Being flexible means trusting your IT support partner to have your interests at heart. Trusting yourself to identify new technologies, new ways of working, new efficiencies and being willing to adapt to them. Business is an ever-changing landscape just like technology and to survive, you must adapt to these changes.

It isn’t just IT that demands flexibility, every aspect of business depends upon it. The list of closed businesses is long and illustrious and many will put their failure down to not adapting quickly or being stuck in their ways. Make sure you don’t join them.

If you want to lower your IT support costs without compromising quality, talk to New Jersey Computer Help today. We deliver top class, onsite IT support for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We would be more than happy to assist you too. Call us today to learn more.

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